Asphalt & Stained Glass


Asphalt & Stained Glass


Think Nora Jones or Eva Cassidy. That is the type of repertoire, arrangements, and style of the band. This is not a bar band but more of a coffee house, patio-party, dinner entertainment, wedding reception act. Fun and wholesome (mostly). Amy Madden’s sensuous, heart-felt vocals combined with sensitive keyboard interpretations draws in an audience who feel an immediate, emotional connection. Larry Christensen’s scuffed up vocals may remind you of a Ray Charles-type voice but with the tongue-in-cheek humor of a Jim Croce. John Elwer’s bass playing is always solid and funky when the music invites that. Brian Joy’s background as a classical percussioninst shows in his orchestrated approach to rhythm and sounds. Audrey Hustad is simply one of the best jazz trumpet players in Iowa, period. Her improvisations are original and beyond the usual, stock fills.

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